Aruba Women’s Soul Care Retreat: March 7-11, 2023


Tuesday, March 7, 2023 – Saturday, March 11, 2023
Riu Palace Antillas
Noord, Aruba

The Aruban Women’s Soul Care Retreat has no choice but to be epic. With sun, sand, and the space to “be,” we know beautiful, life-altering soul shifts will occur on this trip. If saying yes to invitations to care for your mind|body|soul resonates with you – sign up now! There is no time like the present to invest in living your best life.

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What do sunshine + soul-care have in common? They will BOTH be flowing strong on the B Present Women’s Winter Retreat to the “Happy Island” of Aruba! Known for its soft white coral sands, alluring turquoise waters, and a positive, magnetic energy, you have the opportunity to experience the magic of this island. Not only that, but the POWER of traveling with a group of like-minded women, led by passionate soul-searcher, Tammy Weisweaver, is sure to make this trip one for the books! 

If you’ve never traveled with B Present Retreats before, you may not know just how much CHOICE there is all along the way. Tammy is huge on presenting INVITATIONS, which are simply opportunities that you can readily decline if they aren’t what sounds best any given day/hour. This retreat is FOR YOU. It gets to be WHAT YOU NEED MOST.

Need rest? Snooze it.
Need movement? Move it.
Need to connect? Go to dinner. Join the group hike. Put yourself in proximity to others. 

Why Aruba?

In addition to the glorious waters, sand, and sun, Tammy fell in love with Aruba when she visited in 2021. The safety-factor, ease in getting around, looooooong stretches of walkable beach…the national park that butts up to a breathtaking coastline…and a most unique and special encounter with funky pink birds that stand on one leg—you guessed it—FLAMINGOS! 

The people…the food…there was honestly nothing to not love about this tropical oasis. 

What’s Included?
  • Round-trip flight to Aruba from South Bend, IN or airport of your choice (cost may fluctuate based on the airport you choose).
  • Four nights at Riu Palace Antillas Adults-Only Award-Winning Hotel on the beach
  • Transportation to and from Riu Palace Antillas
  • Resort fees and taxes
  • Unlimited food & beverage
  • Use of resort amenities, including two swimming pools, sun terrace, sun loungers, parasols, as well as sun loungers and parasols at the beach
  • Use of hotel gym facility, aqua gymnastics, stand up paddleboard, snorkel gear, and kayaks 
  • 2 Beach Workouts led by Tammy Weisweaver
  • Transportation to and from Arikok National Park, whereby you can enjoy a personalized hike to a natural pool, among other natural wonders (This is a ½ day excursion and is your choice whether to attend or not.) 
  • Transportation to and from Flamingo Island, whereby you can delight in a day on this lush, private island, including a 50-minute swedish massage, lunch, 1 cocktail, and plenty of flamingo and iguana sightings (This is a full-day excursion and is your choice whether to attend or not.) 
  • Tammy will book dinner reservations each night, for anyone who wants to dine together 
  • Brief after-dinner soul-care activities of varying nature will be an option 
  • Complimentary WiFi in-room and throughout the property
  • Daytime entertainment, live music, shows, and a discotheque are offered by Riu and included in your package as well
Registration Options:

If you desire a roommate(s) to share a double or triple with, we will do our best to pair you with a roommate.  If we do not have others seeking interest in obtaining a double or triple and are not able to secure a roommate for you, you will be placed in a single room and will be responsible for paying the single room rate vs the double/triple room rate.

In order to secure your spot on this soul-care retreat, a NON-REFUNDABLE down payment is required.  After January 3rd, 2023 this soul-care retreat becomes NON-REFUNDABLE.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 – Saturday, March 11, 2023
Payment Information
Accommodations Total 4 Monthly Payments
Single Room $4,718.13 $1,179.5
Double Room $4,062.62 $1,015.66
Triple Room $3,989.80 $997.45