I am LISTENING Guided Journal Practice: A Journey in Hearing from God


The days can be long and the challenges mounting — who are you letting speak into your situation?  

Truth is – we are always listening to someone or something. God longs to take the space of #1 in our hearts and this journal invites you to do just that. Be with Him. Listen for Him. Invite Him in. He is waiting for you. Are you ready to LISTEN?



“I’m so enjoying my journaling, anticipating daily what God has in store for me. I have noticed a craving for reading my Bible more, listening to podcasts, and talking to people about what God is doing in my life. I can’t seem to get away from, ‘Where do I see God?’ and God telling me to be still and rest in His presence, stop being busy. Relax, relax, relax. I don’t need to always be doing something.” – Judi

“I felt like when I took the time to listen, God was often encouraging any uneasy thoughts I had that day. If I was stressing about something, I was prompted by God to give it up, and to be reminded of all He does to protect and guide me.” – Sarah

“I found myself listening to God more frequently while using this journal. It helped me to focus in on Him and not myself as much as usual.” – Jill

“This practice made me feel more connected to God throughout the day. Sometimes He spoke at different times of the day, not just during my morning quiet time. I listened and I heard more, so that made me want to listen more! I felt like my steps were more aligned with His will. I felt more peace, and I had the desire to read more scripture!” – Stephanie