What should I expect from a class?

At B Present Studio, we plan our barre classes to be a present to you — 45-60 minutes of sheer goodness for your mind, body, and soul. You can expect to be challenged, whether beginner or advanced. You will work your arms, core, legs, and booty, booty, booty galore. This workout is designed to reach all trouble areas: inner and outer thighs, tummy, seat, and back of arms. Your muscles will be worked to fatigue and then stretched and elongated to prevent bulk. Think long and lean, not big and bulky.

*Note: Results may vary.

How often should I attend barre classes to benefit the most?

If this will be your primary fitness regimen and you are actively seeking to lose weight, tone up, and change or maintain the shape of your body, you’ll want to plan three to four visits to the Barre each week. If you are an avid runner, cyclist, swimmer, etc. and you are looking to get stronger and help with injury prevention, you should add Barre two times a week to your existing routine. We do have our zany Barre Addicts who attend classes five to six times per week. There is something for everyone at B Present Studio.

*Note: Results may vary.

Can your method help me lose weight?

Yes. Our infamous Barre classes are designed to turn you into a calorie-burning machine. We guide you through a full body workout that will torch fat and rev your metabolism for hours to come. Be wise though, exercise is only one part of the equation to weight loss. If losing pounds is your goal, what you put into your mouth on a regular basis is equally important as your exercise routine. B Present Studio offers Wellness Coaching to complement your exercise routine.

*Note: Results may vary.

Are your workouts good for beginners?

Absolutely. Barre Basics is a perfect fit for anyone new to exercise. We encourage all of our participants to listen to their body and adjust any exercise as needed. Get ready for transformation.

If you are a beginner who is especially overweight, obese, and/or has not been active for years, you would be best suited to start out with some private training sessions. These sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and get you a good fitness base to then build on and eventually attend classes. The most important thing is safety. Pushing yourself too far too soon can lead to injury, which then leaves you unable to exercise. Contact the studio if you have any questions on what is best for you, classes or personal training. Email bfit@bpresentstudio.com.

*Note: Results may vary.

Are your workouts pregnancy friendly?

Yes. Please provide a doctor’s written consent. We will show you modifications to exercise safely. Many barre beauties take classes all the way up until their due date.

Do I need to post-pone my workout due to an injury?

Depends on the nature of your injury. Let’s say you have chronic back pain, or you were in an accident several years ago and your wrist has always bothered you. Having medical clearance to workout is a priority. You never want to make matters worse. However, there are many injuries or physical maladies that can be improved with a strength-based program like our Barre classes. Our workouts are designed to strengthen bones, tighten muscles, and improve your everyday functional movement. Our personal training is especially helpful for anyone dealing with an acute injury, post-surgery, etc. We have trained clients a mere 2 days post-op. We listen to our clients, ask questions, and know what to avoid and what to strengthen.

Why is core strength so important in your workouts?

Besides the aesthetic qualities of a strong core, such as a smaller waistline and improved posture, a strong core helps you throughout all activities in life. Picking up your children, putting on your shoes, carrying the groceries to your car, your golf swing—the list is endless. Without a strong core, you are prone to low back pain, along with other injuries. A strong core is central to efficient healthy movement. Our Barre instructors can often be heard reminding students to “draw your navel in towards your spine” throughout class.

Can I handle the workout if I’m not flexible or have no prior dance experience?

Certainly. No dance experience necessary to be a Barre Beauty. One of our favorite parts of the program is seeing clients with little or no flexibility start to boast about how they can now touch their toes.

What do I need to bring and wear to barre classes?

Items to bring:

  • Payment for class and our fun boutique items such as slip-proof headbands, comfy clothing, gift certificates, Shakeology, and more. (Most people pay online and save their card on file so they don’t have to worry about bringing money at all).
  • Water; bring your own or purchase in-studio
  • Personal yoga mat (yoga mats are also available for rent).
  • Hand Towel; most find it nice to have a towel to wipe sweat. This is optional and we always have towels for purchase.

What to wear:

  • Clothing you’ll feel comfortable sweating in. Breathable, sweat-wicking material is best.
  • Slimmer fitting clothing helps the teacher to check form, spandex pants/capris/bike shorts lend themselves well to our moves.
  • Most students go barefoot, wear grippy socks (available at the studio). Lightweight shoes worn only indoors are also acceptable.

Why is cardio so important?

  • It helps burn calories and lose/manage weight.
  • It helps reduce risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • It releases “feel good” hormones.
  • It helps reduce stress and improves sleep quality.