In addition to our unique classes containing strength and cardio, B Present Studio is committed to helping our clients with true and lasting change.

We know that behaviors can be modified for temporary results, but to have an enduring impact on your health and life, things must change at a heart and mind level.  You’ll find our instructors to be encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting by sharing messages that can ultimately leave you constructing a better life. Our clients testify to the difference B Present Studio makes in their life way beyond their cutie booty.

Types of Classes

Please note: results may vary.

Barre Basics

  • Intensity Level ?

    A great starter class will introduce you to B Present’s barre fitness classes.

    • 45 minutes of muscle-tightening, limb-lengthening goodness
    • Work your body from head-to-toe
    • Our seat-lifting, shoulder-sculpting moves will leave you feeling invigorated

Beautiful Bata

  • Intensity Level ??

    Check out this fun spin on our original Barre Beautiful class. This low-impact, 45-minute full-body experience will push your muscles to the limit and challenge your mind at the same time. Get ready for results!

    • Low-impact
    • 45-minute full-body experience

Barre Blast

  • Intensity Level ???

    A cardio-lover’s dream!

    • Heart rate will skyrocket
    • Designed for workout junkie
    • Intense, full body workout

Barre Beautiful

  • Intensity Level ??

    Our classic 60-minute workout designed to tighten your tush, firm your thighs, create a rock-solid core, and make your muscles shake!

    • Full body workout using lots of tiny repetitions
    • Great for everyone and can be easily modified to your skill level
    • All levels welcome

Barre Bootcamp

  • Intensity Level ???

    No holds barred in this high-energy class designed to work your muscles from head to toe.

    • Full body workout challenges you to change your body shape
    • Cardio bursts to strengthen your heart and scorch major calories
    • Modifications given throughout class
    • All levels welcome

Barre Boxing

  • Intensity Level ???

    BarreBoxing is a calorie scorcher. You will be empowered as you kick, jab, and punch your way through the workout.

    • Get ready to sculpt your upper body, whittle your middle, and tone your lower half
    • High energy class
    • Calorie scorcher

B Centered Yoga

  • Intensity Level ??

    Vinyasa flow yoga class

    • Flow from one pose to the next focusing on alignment and breath
    • Gain both strength and balance
    • Modifications, adjustments, and verbal cues will be given

Fit Kids

  • Intensity Level ?

    45-minute, simplified Barre Beautiful classes designed for kids ranging 4-11 years old.

    • Encourages children to be strong, courageous, and healthy
    • Combines different exercise methodologies such as yoga, pilates, barre, and interval training
    • Runs in single drop-in classes, or in six week sessions

Power Hour

  • Intensity Level ???

    You are sure to leave this class feeling challenged, refreshed, and powerful!

    • 30 minutes of non-stop cardio
    • 30 minutes of solid strength
    • Warm-up, fire-up, tone-up

Power Hour Remix

  • Intensity Level ???

    Give your body a new challenge as you start with 30 minutes all-out strength training.  Follow that up with 30 minutes of heart-pumping cardio and you’ve got a winning combination. Strength and endorphins; yes, please.
    • 30 minutes of non-stop cardio
    • 30 minutes of solid strength
    • Warm-up, fire-up, tone-up